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I had purchased a new motorcycle in January 2000 and wanted the best oil and filter for the bike, so I searched the web for synthetics, I had tried many others including Red Line Mobil 1 and Castrol, and found Amsoil was the best according to industry standard testing and decided to give it a try.

Immediately I could hear a difference in the sound of the engine, most of the metallic sounds were gone. It was being lubricated properly! While riding the motorcycle it shifted much better, engine temperature was cooler and the machine seemed to have more power. I also installed Amsoil in my Ford Ranger pickup truck and received the same results from the synthetic oil, plus I got 4 more mpg during highway driving! I'm sold! I then recommended Amsoil to several friends and they also had similar results. So I started my Amsoil business in July of 2000.

I have been an air traffic controller for 27 years. I was in the USAF from 1981 to 1986. I've loved anything mechanical, preferably with an engine, since I got a ride on a mini bike at the age of 6. I even crashed on that first ride! Loved it!! I did some amateur motocross in my early thirties and now do track days with my sport bike.

Oil for trucks, autos, motorcycles and machines?

I had always wanted my own business but nothing really fit or was too expensive to get started. So when I came across Amsoil it was a perfect match. Amsoil is privately owned and they are great to work with. I go to the corporate office for a training seminar once a year, field training throughout the year, which includes reading industry periodicals manuals/books and training from various web sites.

By the way: I carry an oil and lube inventory for customers local to the bay area; this helps customers save on shipping & handling charges. We have a section of this website to keep you informed on new synthetic oil technologies here.

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